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Alaçatı township is part of the district of Çeşme within Turkey's İzmir Province. The town of Alaçatı is located on the "narrow waist" Çeşme Peninsula traces in its extremity. It is at the center of a corridor where the winds from the north to the south and in the reverse direction abound. The dominant summer wind of poyraz allows Alaçatı to "breathe", while lodos wind which blows more frequently in winter keeps the climate mild.

The number of windy days in Alaçatı (330 days a year) is well above the average in Turkey. This abundance of these winds is the motive that brought Alaçatı to the position of one of the foremost windsurfing centers of the world.

The town is surrounded to its north by the locality of Ilıca, famous for its beach, to its south by the port of Alaçatı where windsurfing clubs are located, and to its west with Karadağ heights covered with olive trees and, since more recent date, with vineyards.

The Alaçatı center is located at a distance of 3 km from the sea and lies at an average altitude of 16 meters. Access to Alaçatı is quite easy through the six-lane İzmir-Çeşme highway and with İzmir center at a distance of only 70 km and with Adnan Menderes Airport served by international flights at a distance of 90 km. For those who depart from İstanbul with their own vehicles, once on Bandırma quay served by High Speed Craft services in partance of İstanbul's Yenikapı quay, a 340 km road through Balıkesir, Manisa and İzmir brings travellers to Alaçatı in about 4-5 hours.

Alaçatı is also served by regular intercity bus services in partance of İstanbul by the companies Varan and Ulusoy. In order to come by bus from İzmir to Alaçatı, travellers can take Çeşme Seyahat bus services in partance of İzmir Central Bus Terminal or Üçkuyular Bus Terminal. The bus ride to Alaçatı from İzmir lasts only an hour.
Yachts can dock directly at Alaçatı marina which is located at 38°15'N, 26°23'E.


The distances between Alaçatı and a few of important centers are as follows:

  • Alaçatı - İzmir : 70 km.
  • Alaçatı - Çeşme : 7 km.
  • Alaçatı - Ildır : 15 km.
  • Alaçatı - Efes : 155 km.

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